About Me

Welcome to my store. I'm Steve I'm a freelance creative and visual artist based in the UK. I've been in the creative industry for over 28 years and have always had a love for the motion pictures.

When Covid happened I lost my contractual work so decided to teach myself photography whilst in Lockdown.

This soon transformed into miniature photography using figures that I own, bits from around the house for props and sets like rocks for mountains and foil for water, practical effects and miniature sets. 

This is where the Miniverse began, I wanted to celebrate movies young and old created in miniature form and made entirely practically with very little digital work. 

I've posted a new image every day since 2020 along with behind the scenes of how it was done and now have decided to release my fan art as products for all to enjoy and also to help pay the bills and fund me to be able to keep on creating. 

As well as the Miniverse I also have illustrated a lot of alternate movie poster fan art pieces and have a selection of branded exclusive Robot Wig apparel.

I hope you can appreciate the passion I put into all my work your support means a lot to me. All my pieces are made with love and I hope you enjoy what I do

Thanks Steve. 

I'm not affiliated with any of the brands this is strictly fan art but one day I hope that I can be given an opportunity to do some officially licensed photography work.