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Miniverse - Stay There - Greetings Card

Miniverse - Stay There - Greetings Card

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Greetings cards for any occasion from the Miniverse. 

These Cards have no text on the inside or out, Why should you limit what you celebrate? 

I believe you should be able to celebrate absolutely anything you like which is why I've decided to create completely blank greetings cards, no text inside or out I'll let you decide what you want it for. Frame it, gift it whatever you want.

I create every single photo for my Miniverse Collection using real lighting, figures, miniature sets and bits from around my house to create a full scene. I shoot everything practically and only add digital elements when necessary. I hope you enjoy my miniature creations I put a lot of passion and care into each photo I create.

Every bespoke printed greeting card is produced on a high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni one sided Symbol gloss paper, coated with a gloss UV varnish along with a complimentary opaque envelope.Available in two standard sizes. 7x5 Landscape or A5 Landscape

  • High quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card
  • Symbol gloss
  • Gloss UV varnish

(Because each item is made specially to order please allow a few days processing time before shipment.)


Please note that my photography work is strictly fan art created using toy figures and miniatures and in no way associated with any studios or actors, these are just my own photographic interpretations of characters and scenarios. 

Returns are not accepted so please do check you have the right sizes before checking out, Thanks.

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